The EnBio Industries team is focused on positively impacting customers, partners, each other and the environment. Our staff has a diverse background that offers a broad set of skills to bring the best products to you.

Daniel Da Costa – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dan is an experienced chemist who graduated from Rhodes University in South Africa and spent the majority of his career working for a large international oil company. As the CTO, he oversees the development and testing of all EnBio products.

Mark Perry – Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Joshua Green – Director of Business Development

Josh graduated from the University of Arizona as an undergraduate and has an MBA from the University of Nevada. He is responsible for reviewing and understanding the best market opportunities for the organization and developing relationships that expand EnBio’s market reach.

Akira Matsumoto – Asia-Pacific Market Director

Akira graduated from Osaka Prefecture University in Japan and has spent his career providing technical services in the field of industrial lubrication, as well as acquiring extensive experience with Kaizen – process improvement. Akira oversees business development and sales in the Asia-Pacific region.