EnBio’s TREKAV is an environmentally friendly product that is added to your weekly greens fertilizer program or applied on its own. TREKAV must be dissolved in water and sprayed onto the grass to be evenly distributed and quickly enter the plant through the leaves and roots. Its primary function is stress relief and its secondary function is to promote healthy root growth.

Product Benefits

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Ease of application
  • Synthesized from renewable resources

For Warm and Cold Season Grasses

Field trials and university studies have shown TREKAV to:

  • Relieve stress in the plant, which produces a healthier and greener plant, lowers disease occurrence, and increases cell division and chlorophyll
  • Promote root growth in spring, summer, autumn, and winter
  • Help plants through harsh conditions, like hot summers and cold spells during winter
  • Increase resistance against cold, drought, salt damage, phytopathogenic fungus, and pesticides. In some cases, it lowers fungicide requirements by up to 50%
  • Result in healthier white roots as long as 12 inches
  • Require less water due to longer, healthier roots

Root Growth Field Trials

Testing was also conducted at the University of Florida with a significant difference shown in total root wait after 28 days. Application of TREKAV resulted in a 165% increase in root weight in optimal conditions and an almost 300% in stressed conditions.

Field trial at Berkley Hall 2020-2021 with Tim King showed root growth from 3.5 inches to 9 inches within 5 months of using TREKAV. The 12th green, in December and January, gets only 3 hours of sunlight. In previous years, the green was thin and there was visible loss of turf. After starting to use TREKAV in December 2020, January 2021 was the first year that Tim saw NO thinning or turf loss on the green, a clear sign of stress relief.

“This was the first time this green remained perfect.”

Tim King – Berkley Hall

Field Trial at Crandon Park Golf Course confirmed that TREKAV helps grass survive king tide. Applying TREKAV the day before the king tide on the affected area, and weekly thereafter for one month, has shown no loss of turf. The prior king tide, without TREKAV, resulted in the loss of turf requiring 10 pallets of sod to return the green to the course’s visual standards.

“Works great!”

Crandon Park Golf Course – Director of Golf Maintenance

“Never in my 38 years of being a superintendent have I seen roots like this.”

Glenn Landgraf- Superintendent – The Links at Boynton Beach

EnBio TREKAV Downloads

EnBio TREKAV Data Sheet

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