EnBio MP hydraulic fluids are the workhorse of the EnBio line and have been formulated to meet the requirements from numerous types of equipment. The high-performance characteristics of these fluids meet and exceed any that are currently being used and have the same environmental benefits that also reduce costs. EnBio Industries is constantly working with new OEMs to expand the industries and equipment that use our products.

Environmental Benefits

Biodegradable chemistry – Will not form sludge, varnish or deposits on cylinders and valves. Will alleviate deposits left by other fluids. OECD 301B/301F, Readily Biodegradable.
Classified as ecologically harmless – No significant hazard to small animals, plants and aquatic life.
Soluble in water applications – Will not form streaks or emulsion, which protects wildlife, food supplies, and habitats from ecosystem damage due to leaks and spills.
Fire Resistant – An anhydrous water-soluble fluid with high flash and fire points that make the fluid fire resistant.
Easy spill cleanup – Simple washing procedure eliminates need for costly hazmat operations.

Performance Benefits

Runs cooler – Wide operating temperature range with a high viscosity index.
Enhanced system performance – Fluid will not shear (does not break down with use), sludge or varnish, and has outstanding anti-wear performance. EnBio also operates at lower temperatures that equal longer parts life, including seals and hoses.
Lower maintenance cost and down time – Extended fluid life equals longer cycles between changeovers and stable power input helps prevent pressure blowouts.
Lower fuel consumption – No need to add more engine power time (no increase in RPM due to fluid breakdown). With better lubrication and consistent viscosity over the fluid’s life, less fuel is consumed.

EnBio can be used in almost all industries, including construction, mining, agriculture, warehouses, waste managment, manufacturing, heavy machinery and more. Our products can increase your performance and potentially provide significant cost savings. Please contact us to learn more about our OEM partners and converting to EnBio.

What are the costs associated with hydraulic fluid

There are a number of costs associated with hydraulic fluid use in marine applications. When it comes to using EnBio, there are cost reductions across all areas.
• Competitively priced against environmentally-aware products.
• EnBio lasts 2 to 4 times longer, so less fluid needs to be purchased each year.
• No shearing and the best anti-wear package results in less “wear and tear” on equipment and better overall machine performance.
• EnBio’s chemistry will remove sludge buildup from previous fluids, which can improve efficiency and equipment service life.
• Higher viscosity index and low coefficient of friction means lower energy consumption.
• Greater system pressure stability means fewer hose blows and less fluid loss.
• Fewer maintenance issues reduce labor costs.
• Being non-toxic means spills can be washed away quickly and do not require time consuming cleanup.
• Spills will not stain concrete or create an odor, which results in a cleaner environment.

All of these can add up to thousands of dollars in savings each year. Don’t take our word for it, click here to read testimonials from customers that have made the switch.

You can receive a free annual cost savings estimate based on your specific facility and equipment by emailing our staff here. You can also email us to receive a comparative test conducted with EnBio in an excavator.

Ahead of the competition in all key areas


If you are interested in using or testing EnBio fluids in your machines, please contact us to learn more.

See the EnBio Difference in this Comparative Spill test

Click here to see the difference with EnBio
when fluid is spilled on concrete.


The EnBio team also makes conversion easy. Contact our staff to learn more about converting your system today.

EnBio MP Downloads

EnBio MP Data Sheets – MP32, MP46, MP68