EnBio TCS® hydraulic fluids have been specifically designed with the superintendent in mind. There is nothing worse than discovering hydraulic oil spills on your course just before the next big event. After years of development, we have designed the perfect fluid that will not kill your turf and will outperform any alternative on the market. There is no longer a need to sacrifice performance for biodegradability. Welcome to the next generation of hydraulic fluids designed specifically with you and your course in mind.

Environmental Benefits

Biodegradable chemistry – Will not form sludge, varnish or deposits on cylinders and valves. OECD 301B/301F, Readily Biodegradable.
Water-soluble – A simple water flush is all that is required for cleanup. No turf removal, replanting or messy cleanup. Douse your spill with ample amounts of water and your problem is solved.
Fire Resistant – An anhydrous water-soluble fluid with high flash and fire points that make the fluid fire resistant.
Non-toxic – Independent, university, testing has shown that EnBio products are truly non-toxic when spilled under normal conditions.
Will not kill turf – Many alternatives claim this, but as you know, it is simply not true. EnBio is the only fluid designed specifically to not kill grass when spilled. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

Performance Benefits

Extended maintenance intervals – Our fluids last anywhere from 2 to 4 times longer than anything you are currently using. It is all in our chemistry.
Enhanced system performance – Since our fluids do not shear (a chemical breakdown process from temperature and pressure), systems that use EnBio fluids have better overall efficiency, constant operating performance, and are less likely to “bog” down when stressed.
Superior performance characteristics – High viscosity index, outstanding anti-wear, lower operating temperatures, excellent coefficient of friction, extended equipment life, and lower operating costs.

EnBio TCS® can make the difference on your course

The proof is in the turf. See and hear for yourself about what happens when spills occur with EnBio versus the competition.

EnBio TCS® Experiment

EnBio TCS® Testimonials

What are the costs associated with hydraulic fluid

Like everything else on a golf course, there are a number of costs associated with hydraulic fluid. When it comes to using EnBio, there are cost reductions across almost all areas.

• Competitively priced against environmentally aware products.
• EnBio lasts 2 to 4 times longer, so less fluid needs to be purchased each year.
• No shearing results in less “wear and tear” on equipment and better overall machine performance.
• EnBio’s chemistry will also remove sludge buildup from previous fluids, which can improve efficiency and equipment service life.
• Higher viscosity means lower fuel consumption.
• Greater system pressure stability means fewer hose blows and less fluid loss.
• Fewer maintenance issues reduce labor costs.
• Being non-toxic means spills can be washed away quickly and do not require time-consuming cleanup.
• Spills will not kill turf, which results in lower labor and maintenance costs.

All of these can add up to thousands of dollars in savings each year. Don’t take our word for it, click here to read testimonials from course superintendents that have made the switch. You can receive a free annual cost savings estimate based on your specific course and equipment by simply emailing our staff here.

Ahead of the competition in all key areas


The EnBio team also makes conversion easy. Contact our staff to learn more about converting your course today. You can also read about EnBio in Golfdom Magazine.